Felindre Farchog, north Pembrokeshire

Our Bed and Breakfast Inn is situated in Felindre Farchog, a small village in north Pembrokeshire.

At first glance you may think that it is a pretty sleepy village. This may be correct of present times but Felindre has a very colourful history.
The towns name literally means ‘Place of the Knights Mill’ and with a legend of King Arthurs Wizard – Merlin being buried in a cave not far from here (see Nevern Village article), it conjures up all sorts of visions of how Felindre may have been during the past.

Take a wander around the village and you will notice some quite odd architecture. On a sharp bend north east from our Inn you will see a gothic looking building, this is know as Llys Dy and was once the courthouse of the Lord of Cemmaes. Take a closer look and you will notice some dates carved into bricks in the buildings walls. One of 1626 when the building was probably first constructed, another of 1852 when the gothic architecture was added and the building used as a college and another of 2000 when the building was updated and modernised for living in.

Across the lane from the old courthouse is a round walled structure, this was used for keeping animals in, possibly at one time for holding animals to be sheared or slaughtered for the old woolen mill and tannery that used to grace the village.

You will also notice in the village, a Chapel – this is the later of two Chapels that are here. The old much smaller one (Yr Hen Gapel) built in around 1810 still remains and was used as a school room once the later Chapel (Cana Independent Chapel) had been built in around 1857.

Just outside the village on route to Cardigan, the main road crosses the river Nant Duad via a now well hidden mediaeval bridge which is know as Pont Baldwyn (The Archbishops Bridge in English). It is named after Archbishop Baldwyn of Canterbury who, in 1188, accompanied Giraldus Cambrensis on a recruiting tour of Wales. The Afon Duad flows into the Nevern River shortly after travelling under the bridge here.

Nearby is the re-constructed Iron Age Farmstead of Castell Henllys, one of two Iron Age features in the landscape near Felindre Farchog. The other being Castell Mawr, which is located in agricultural land not far from Castell Henllys. Castell Henllys is open to the public and is a great day out for adults and children alike.

Also near to Felindre is Pengelli Forest National Nature Reserve. Well worth a visit if you love countryside walks. Walking through this ancient forest is like entering another world. The reserve is owned and managed by the South and West Wales Wildlife Trust.
Please ask us at the Inn for directions.

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Felindre Amenities

  • Salutation Inn, Bed & Breakfast and Restaurant
  • Bus Stop

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